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WISH Charter Sports and Performance Programs

Evolution Sports WISH Sports Program Information

Evolution Sports offers 3 seasons of competitive sports to our WISH Elementary and Middle School Students in 3rd-8th grade.

-Most of the WISH sport teams participate in the FIYA League which runs a competitive sports league in Los Angeles, including the Westside, the Valley and Downtown LA. For more information on FIYA you can go to their website at

-FIRST LEGO League and Botball participates in their respective Robotics Program competitions. For more information, you can visit and

-WISH Golf Team practices at Westchester Golf Course and competes in a WISH Tournament at the end of the season.

- WISH Swim practices at LMU and will do a WISH end of season event.

-WISH Tennis Team competes with Youth Tennis Los Angeles

WISH Charter Fall Sports
Season runs Aug-Nov
Registration Open 8/7/22
First Practices - 9/21 - 9/25

Cross Country (coed, grades 3-8)
Boys Flag Football (coed, grades 3-8)
Girls Flag Football (girls, grades 6-8)
Girls Volleyball (girls, grades 3-8)
Tennis (coed, grades 3-5)
Ping Pong (coed, grades 6-8)
Swim (coed, grades 6-8)
First Lego League (coed, grades 4-8)
WISH Charter Winter Sports
Season runs Dec-March
Registration Open 10/30/22
First Practices - 12/13 - 1/12

Boys Basketball (boys, grades 3-8)      
Girls Basketball (girls, grades 3-8)
Golf (coed, grades 3-8)
Cheer (coed, grades 3-8)
Dance (coed, grades 3-5/6-8)
Botball (coed, grades 4-8)

WISH Charter Spring Sports
Season runs March-May
Registration Open 1/29/23
First Practices - 2/12 - 2/30

Boys Volleyball (boys, grades 4-8)
Futsal/Indoor Soccer (coed & girls, grades 3-6)
Girls Soccer (girls, grades 4-8)
Boys Soccer (boys, grades 4-8)
Ping Pong (coed, grades 6-8)
Track & Field (coed, grades 3-8)

Evolution Sports Program is now offering a non-competitive weekly developmental program. All programs are co-ed. Programs run continuously throughout the school year.

Hot Shots Tennis (coed, grades TK-8) 
Development Sports (coed, grades TK-3) - Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball
Swim (coed, grades 4-5)
Dance (coed, grades 3-8)

Evolution Sports offers two music performance programs to our elementary and middle school students through community partnerships. There will be a fall performance in December and a spring performance in March. 

Vocals on Stage provides our singing, guitar and piano programs
Act II with Eve Keller provides our Musical Theater program

Contact Evolution Sports  *  Coach Casey, Director  *  310-650-7618  *  [email protected]